Frequently Asked Questions

How much ceiling insulation will I need?

This will depend on whether you have existing insulation or not.  The current building code of Australia states that the minimum standard is an R 4.1. J.Gorman Insulation recommends you aim for the highest R-value that your budget allows.

How long does it take for a professional to install insulation?

Depending on the size of the house, it will take an average of one to three days.

How does insulation work?

Insulation acts as a barrier to airflow. It is essential to keeping your house warm over winter and cool during summer. Professionally-installed insulation will provide year-round comfort, cutting heating and cooling bills by as much as 80%, which will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.

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How are glasswool batts installed?

Glasswool batts come in standard widths and lengths that match up with the joint spaces. Where there are variations, the batt will be cut to fit snugly and achieve maximum thermal efficiency.

How is underfloor insulation installed?

J.Gorman Insulation always recommends a high-density R2.5 floor batt for sub-floors. This highly-flexible batt is friction-fitted and cut to suit. Jesse then securely fastens the insulation to guarantee they remain in place for the building’s life.

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What is glasswool insulation?

Glasswool is a material made from recycled fibres of glass. The process of creating this material forms millions of tiny air pockets between the glass. This results in high thermal insulation properties.

Is glasswool safe?

Glasswool has been used globally for over 80 years. Over 50 years of research has found no link to long-term health issues from glasswool insulation.

J. Gorman Insulation only uses the highest quality products that meet Australian health and safety standards.